Cooking Class

We have been giving Spanish, Catalan, and Mediterranean classes since 2006, teaching Japanese cuisines at times – we are always down for new cuisines and collaborations with various chefs!

It is time to start a new concept: make your own private group with your family, friends, companions, etc. and choose a category from the list below, where you will get to learn all the secrets behind the Spanish gastronomy.

The class will begin with a demonstration by chef, Josep Barahona for an hour and a half. We will then eat the meal prepared in a relaxed and enjoyable ambient for an hour to an hour and a half, combined with soft drinks, cava, wine and coffee.

Choose Your Style

Style 1: Make your own group

Make your own group from 6-9 people with your family, companions, friends and share the class just you and L’estudi team

Choose one of the categories below: Spanish, Catalan, pintxos, or special occasions

Reservations must be made at least a week prior.


  • Recipes
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes demonstration by the chef
  • 1 hour/ 1 hour and 30 minutes eating
  • Soft drinks, alcohol and coffee 

     ¥9.000 p/p + tax

Style 2: L’estudi group

We will choose a category (Spanish, Catalan, pintxos, or special occasion), and the date of class

If you are interested, sign up.

Our May’s cooking class has ended successfully

Thank you very much to those who participate.

Our next cooking class will be a Pintxos lesson in July.

~2022・NEW Pintxos LESSONS~
7/8 (Fri) 11:30~
7/9 (Sat) 11:30~
7/11 (Mon) 11:30~
7/12 (Tue) 11:30~
7/13 (Wed) 11:30~
7/16 (Sat) 11:30~
7/19 (Tue) 11:30~
7/20 (Wed)
7/22 (Fri)
7/23 (Sat)


We are looking forward to your reservation!


  • Recipes
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes demonstration by the chef
  • 1 hour/ 1 hour and 30 minutes eating.
  • Soft drinks, alcohol and coffee

¥9.000 p/p + ta

Spanish Basic

Spanish traditional cuisine using authentic seasonal ingredients

Temporal Seasons:

September-October-November (Autumn 2020)


Sopa de Ajo (Bread, garlic and iberico ham soup)

Cerdo Iberico “Moruno” (Spicy marinated iberico pork)

Tarta de Queso (Basque-style cheese cake)

December-January-February (Winter 2021)


March-April-May (Spring 2021)

Catalan Basic

Catalan traditional cuisine, the home place of chef Josep Barahona (Lleida)


Temporal Seasons:


September-October-November (Autumn 2020)


Escalivada (Roasted vegetables salad)

Fideuat con allioli (Vegetables and seafood broth with fideopasta paella with garlic and oil sauce “allioli”)

Crema catalana (Cream custard catalan style)


December-January-February (Winter 2021)

March-April-May (Spring 2021)


Pintxos and Home Party

Learn the base and concepts to create hundreds of different Pintxos (finger food) with all the ingredients you can imagine. The best way to prepare and eat the Pintxos is to always share amongst your family, friends, etc.


Assortment of 7-9 pintxos (cold, warm, spicy, sweet, etc.)

Special Occasions

There are cooking classes for special dates, such as Christmas, Japanese Hanami, etc.

Obentos, picnic boxes, etc.

Special collaborations with other chefs (Japanese…)

We will notify you with time