Eat out

Enjoy L’estudi where ever you prefer

Pintxos Box

Different selection of pintxos boxes to choose from:

1. L’estudi pintxos box
2. My pintxos box
3. Mini pintxos box
4. Bepo pintxos box
5. Sweet pintxos box
6. Quiche pintxos box

Bocadillos Gourmet
Take Out

Another way to eat, in Japan are very famous the Obentos, and we prepare what in our culture would be them, THE BOCADILLO.

We try to the best “bocadillos” we could, and we think we have achieved it.

-200 grams artesanal bread daily made

-Exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil

-Some of them with mature red tomato.

We also have the salty butter versions.

We started with the Jamon the Trevelez version of Bocadillo, and now we have enlarge the list

Each “bocadillo” is made at the moment every Friday from 10:30 to 13:30 we will have limited units every Friday, so if you want you can reserve them through our telephone number, and for quantity orders or out of this take out time table, please contact us.

For more information, contact us

Home Party Box & Obento

Assortment of authentic Spanish cuisine dishes and tapas to eat wherever you prefer with whoever you’d like

For more information, contact us

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Is now available L’estudi Spanish Osechi 2022 for reservations at:

  • Mitsukoshi Isetan 
  • Matsuya Ginza 

L’estudi at your Place

The L’estudi team will come to prepare our food at your own home

We will prepare our dishes, pintxos, tapas and drinks, such as wines, cocktails, sangria, and soft drinks to serve to at your preferred place, whether it be to your home, your office, etc.

From a simple cocktail party or reception to bringing our entire team to your home and prepare the L’estudi course menu

For more information, contact us